How to Attract a Ukrainian Belle?

Ukrainian beauties are famous all over the world conquering men’s hearts with no much effort. Wondering what you should do to attract a wonderful Ukrainian lady? Well, relax and calm down because right now we are going to tell you which things Ukrainian girls are crazy about.

What do Ukrainian women prefer?

Make sure your sense of humor is constantly on

Warm-hearted, easy-going, and vitally optimistic, Ukrainian ladies like smiling, laughing, and, accordingly, people who make them laugh. The point is that life is not that easy in Ukraine, but women have learned to treat it positively and admire its every moment. As no women of other nationalities, they realize that life is too short and precious not to enjoy it to the fullest, and they’ve perfectly mastered this art.  Besides, have you heard about the power of positive signals we are sending into space? Surely, they are reinforced, and we get much better things in return.

That is why, a sense of humor is highly important to women from Ukraine. If you know that your humorous side is far from perfect, you’d better prepare beforehand. Recollect some funny stories from your childhood or friends’ life, read some jokes, watch a comedy or make a Ukrainian girl laugh in any other way you may think of. Remember that laughing together brings people closer, and it is one of the best ways to make Ukrainian women like you. Besides, a person with a swift sense of humor is a more preferable life partner because sometimes, humor helps us to solve the most difficult problems and survive the darkest life situation.     

Be a true gentleman, not only pretend you are

You may think that you should prepare for meeting a Ukrainian belle as if she were a queen, and you would be right. She is a Queen. There is no other woman combining breath-taking natural beauty, extreme femininity and unbreakable sense of dignity. In this respect, Ukrainian ladies are somewhat old-fashioned since they still believe that nice manners rule the world. That’s why you have to recollect everything you know about manners of genuine gentlemen or consult the web on the matter. Here are some of the most important aspects to remember when spending time with Ukrainian girls:

  • bring them flowers (an odd number);
  • help them carry heavy bags or a suitcase;
  • open the door of a car/building for them;
  • give them a hand when getting out of a vehicle or descending some creepy stairs in the darkness;
  • let them be the first to come in and out of the building;
  • help them take their coat on/off;
  • draw their chair in a café or restaurant;
  • make sure that they are served first;
  • make sure you pay for their meals and transport to get back home;

Are you an alpha-male?

At this point you may think that we are talking of brutal and disrespectful men, but that’s not true. Being an alpha-male means that you are strong, confident, and able to take responsibility. You see, as a matter of fact, feministic ideas are no that widespread in Ukraine, and Ukrainian women are brought up with a traditional set of values, with a man as the head of a family. It is true that these ladies are well-educated, diligent, and hard-working, and they know how to earn a living; but still they are looking for a strong shoulder to lean on. Finally, they are just women, remember? Even the strongest women need a man they can feel careless little girls with.

Besides, keep in mind that a Ukrainian beauty doesn’t like beating around the bush. Of course, you shouldn’t declare at the very first meeting that you’ll love her till the end of your life, but still try to prove your feelings for her by actions not only words. Ukrainian women are rather active and practical, so they value actions over empty confessions. Also, make sure you don’t avoid discussing matters they want to discuss with you. Because you are not only strong and confident but also mature enough, right?   

Look neat and put elegant clothes on

Bet every man wants to see a luxurious sophisticated woman by his side. What about you? But let’s face the truth. If you want a queen, you should be a king, right? In other words, if you expect a stunning Ukrainian lady to like you, make sure you look appropriately as well. Contrary to a popular belief that Ukrainian women need only foreigners’ money, it’s hardly true because no woman realizing her self-worth will feel comfortable with a man in shabby clothes and old trainers, regardless of the size of his wallet. Apart from wearing decent clothes, remember that you have to be polite and well-mannered, too.

Shower a Ukrainian belle with attention, care, and support

Extremely sensitive and deeply romantic by nature, Ukrainian women are longing for men’s attention. Thus, if you want to impress a Ukrainian girl, make sure that while on a date with you pay attention exclusively to her. Forget about notifications on your phone or other devices, incoming calls and so on. Of course, we all are people and sometimes others may need us at the most inappropriate moment for us, but a Ukrainian lady will really appreciate your utmost care and attention.

To show that she really matters to you, you may ask her whether she is hot or cold, hungry or thirsty, etc. Sometimes, women may act somewhat mysteriously and make you wonder what their real desires are, so to be on the safe side, you’d better ask your woman directly what she likes or dislikes, wants or doesn’t want, etc. At first, a Ukrainian lady may seem puzzled at your straightforwardness, but deeply inside she will appreciate it for sure as she is open and sincere herself. Also, don’t forget paying her sincere compliments! Make sure you pay attention to details not just say “Wow, you look wonderful today!”    

Act as a genuine man and play no games

Tender and passionate, Ukrainian ladies are rather down-to-earth. Practical by nature, they are looking for stability and need to be sure about tomorrow. They need you to be always by their side because they are very reliable and faithful themselves. That is why these girls don’t accept any games, and keep in mind they are great at spotting any foolish things like these. Once you decide to recollect your youth and disappear from her life to see if she runs after you, you risk losing the most precious gift in your life! Unless she is a young unexperienced girl, a Ukrainian woman will never cry in her pillow wondering where you have disappeared or call you hundred times a day. No. She will definitely leave you for good with your insecurities. As a mature person, a Ukrainian lady knows her worth and won’t waste her time on little boys.

As you see, it’s not that hard to win a Ukrainian belle’s heart! Some preparation, nice manners, tenderness and confidence topped with serious intentions — and she is yours!

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