Is He Afraid Of Obligations?

The majority of women experience relationship problems not at the stage of getting acquainted and attracting a man, but later on, when they want to make a beloved person engage in a long-term relationship. How should a woman act to change affection into real love?    

For this, a woman has to understand which factors make a man fall in love. Many women suffer because their relationship gets stuck at the “without obligations” phase, and they can’t understand a reason. The point is not that “men are afraid of obligations.” These women merely failed to cause bonding at the emotional level.  

Due to the fact that physical attraction fades with time, a deep emotional connection is crucial for the future of a romantic relationship. Here are 5 pieces of advice that will help you to make a man fall in love with you (without unethical manipulations).

Keep these tips in mind

Appreciate his present strong points not his potential

Every person wants to be accepted and loved just as they are, yet many women start dating a man thinking about his potential first, about a person he may become in 5 years (of course, with their help).

However, a man isn’t somebody’s project. If you expect him to change, he will feel you don’t like him the way he is now. Some may start feeling ashamed: it turns out they aren’t good enough. If a man feels such an attitude at the beginning of a romantic relationship, he will run away.

Happily married men, if asked how they understood they wanted to marry a definite woman, answered something like that: “She never tried to change me.” Thus, define what male character traits are important to you, and look for a partner who already possesses them.          

Create a feeling of emotional safety for him

What does it mean? It implies that a man knows: he can freely share his thoughts, feelings, and desires with you without fear of being condemned. When a man says that a woman is easy to communicate with, it means he is ready to tell her the things he won’t tell any other person because he is sure she won’t criticize or condemn him.  

So, next time when your partner will get tired so that he wants to criticize his colleagues or share some intimate moments with you, try to listen to him without critical remarks or condemnation. You should understand when to solve a problem, offer some help, and when you have just to listen. Sometimes, a person doesn’t want to look for a solution, they want just to pour out their soul.

Preserve joyful and happy atmosphere in a relationship

Memories of other people are connected with the things we went through together. Provided that you always spent time in a joyful and interesting way, a person would associate you with these pleasant feelings.  

Men and women prefer a different pace of a relationship. Women are typically looking for relationship status, that’s why they are dreaming of a long-term relationship stage. This implies that they miss the first phase of a relationship, which is the happiest and the most positive. Men, on the contrary, prefer not to hurry and allow themselves some time to decide if they want to continue a relationship. For this reason, it’s very important to preserve light, joyful, and positive climate in your union. Remember that a man believes you both are just dating even if he likes you very much.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable

A key to creating emotional intimacy is to open your soul, let yourself be vulnerable. When you are showing him your real self, you are giving him a key to all the intimate corners of your soul. This is an enormous responsibility. Just imagine how it feels when somebody fully and unconditionally trusts you. It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Showing that you are vulnerable and unprotected, you create for a man a feeling of emotional intimacy and he is also likely to open his soul to you.     

Let him “hunt you down“

Women are often wondering what they should do if a man displays no active interest in them. The correct answer would be “nothing.” Should you start panicking, fear will be guiding your actions.

Imagine that a man didn’t call or send you a message for one day or seemed aloof during the dinner. Because of the fear to lose him, a lot of women try to take control of the way a relationship develops, and they usually go too far: start calling all the time, sending too many messages, planning everything themselves; on the whole, they are acting as leaders trying to make a relationship flow as they wish.

If this is the case, partners exchange their roles so that very often a woman starts hunting down her partner (she may not even realize it). For many men, this relationship strategy isn’t pleasant, and they distance even more. What conclusion can we make? Let a man conquer you. Remember that men are hunters by nature, and we all value the things we’ve made an effort to obtain. Create a life you like, and a man will also want to become a part of it.    

However, there are men who like dominating women. They are tired of the stereotype that men have to make the first step and so on. That’s why some men also like being chased after, which is a great boost to their ego and self-esteem. Indeed, men also like compliments and the feeling that women need them. Moreover, a confident courageous woman causes far greater interest than a shy one who is silently waiting for the men’s next step.

All in all, a healthy relationship always presupposes a balance and compromise between partners. We should keep in mind that men aren’t robots and they also may have some troubles, feelings, and reasons for not acting too decisively with a woman they like. That’s why it’s necessary to give them some time and then judge from their actions.

Yes, why not call your man if he has forgotten to do it because of a hard-working day? Surely, don’t forget about self-respect and try not to be too stubborn. If a man does care about you, he will always explain his thoughts and behavior to you; otherwise, why not look for another worthy partner?   

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